The following measure will used in achieving goals:

  • Consultation, management, planning, development and implementation of sustainable projects within the framework of development cooperation, which concern the implementation of eHealth-applications or ICT projects in developing regions. eHealth-applications are applications that are developed for the processing of information in health care and the integration of IT-systems of health care providers. Such applications include: hospital or clinical information system, electronic patient or health records, laboratory information systems, telemedicine, hospital or health information systems, online educational systems, decision support systems, etc.
  • Evaluation, adaptation, enhancement and use of freely available innovative eHealth applications
  • Evaluation and implementation of proprietary solutions
  • Development and implementation of education programs, training, continuing education as well as promoting global education partnerships
  • Carrying out research projects with the aim of improving health care in selected areas using eHealth applications
  • Make sure that research, implementation and other relevant results of works conducted in the area of eHealth, digital health, health and biomedical Informatics in Africa are accessible