Koegni-eHealth has the vision to use Information and Communication Technology to enable equity of access to quality care for all. An important measure for the achievement of this vision in Africa and other less developed countries is to make sure that research, implementation and other relevant results of works conducted in the area of eHealth, digital health, health and biomedical informatics in these countries are accessible.  

Koegni-eHealth in collaboration with HELINA, the Pan African Health Informatics Association, decided in 2013 to offer an open access platform to serve the academic, decisions makers and implementer communities working in Africa and contribute to the progress and application of science and ICT to publish result of their works.

The Journal of Health Informatics in Africa (JHIA; ISSN/NLM abbreviation J Health Inform Afr) launched in 2013 as an official journal of HELINA solicits scientific papers focusing on the use of information and ICTs in the healthcare sector in the broad sense (including self-help, health promotion, education and training of health providers, research, and so forth) in Africa. It is a double-blind peer-reviewed open access journal. All relevant policies are available on the JHIA-website.