An interdisciplinary and experimented team of professionals is leading the activities of the organization:

Chief Executive Officer

Dr. Ghislain Kouematchoua Tchuitcheu

Chief Medical Officer

Alain Nguento, MD

Senior Consultant Neuroradiology

Dr. Steffen Reissberg, MD

Senior Consultant Gynaecologist and obstetric

Dr. Judith Kouematchoua Tchuitcheu, MD

Senior Consultant Ophtamology

Dr. Jean Oscar Kono Kono, MD

Senior Consultant Oncology

Dr. Ivo Azeh, MD

Senior Consultant Public Health

Dipl. Biol. Wendy Awa, MPH

Biostatistician and Public Health researcher

Dr. Georges Tsague Nguefack

Senior Consultant Medical Imaging

Dr. -Ing. Patrick Ndjiki-Nya

Project management

Dipl. -Ing. Annick Sandra Njanda

Health Informatics consultant

Dipl. Med. Inf. Marie-Noel Ngouomgo

Chief Information Officers

Dr. -Ing. Ulrich Kemloh
Dipl. -Ing. Gilles Kom Kenmegne
Dipl. -Ing. Xavier Scolard

Developpers and System administrator

Yvan Tchantcho
Patrick Tchakoute
Freddy Konan
Msc. Mergole Kuate

Advisory Board:

Prof. Walinjom Muna

Honorary President, Cameroonian Society for Health Informatics
Faculty of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences
University of Yaounde 1 – Cameroon

Prof. Otto Rienhoff

Director, Department of Medical Informatics
Georg-August University Goettingen – Germany

Prof. Vincent Djientcheu

President, Cameroonian Society for Health Informatics
Faculty of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences University of Yaounde 1 – Cameroon

Dr. Line Kleinebreil

Vice President World Francophone Numeric University


The Executive Board comprises a Chairman, Secretary General and Treasurer. It is elected by the General Assembly for the period of three years. The association is represented by the Chairman.

Dr. Ghislain Kouematchoua Tchuitcheu


The following measure will used in achieving goals:

  • Consultation, management, planning, development and implementation of sustainable projects within the framework of development cooperation, which concern the implementation of eHealth-applications or ICT projects in developing regions. eHealth-applications are applications that are developed for the processing of information in health care and the integration of IT-systems of health care providers. Such applications include: hospital or clinical information system, electronic patient or health records, laboratory information systems, telemedicine, hospital or health information systems, online educational systems, decision support systems, etc.
  • Evaluation, adaptation, enhancement and use of freely available innovative eHealth applications
  • Evaluation and implementation of proprietary solutions
  • Development and implementation of education programs, training, continuing education as well as promoting global education partnerships
  • Carrying out research projects with the aim of improving health care in selected areas using eHealth applications

Our Vision

  • To enable equity of access to quality care
    – Use ICT to enable equity of acces to quality care for all

Who we are

Koegni-eHealth is a non profit organization which promotes development  cooperation for the purposes of building a global partnerships especially in the area of „eHealth“. This organization was founded by members of the Cameroonian Diaspora in Germany, is based in Hamburg and registered at the local court of Hamburg.

The term eHealth refers to the cost effective use of information and communication technology and telematics in health care.